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Healthcare Facilities

PBM currently provides services to many healthcare centers, hospitals and doctor’s offices throughout Western Connecticut and New York. Our staff is trained in procedures necessary in medical environments. We have the proper cleaning materials and tools to offer professional grade office cleaning service to doctor’s offices, radiology centers , physical therapy centers and hospitals in Western Connecticut and New York.

Our staff is aware of the safety concerns in radiology environments such as MRI. And our safety procedures include training and certification in terms of Blood Bourne Pathogens awareness, precautions necessary in various healthcare environments. Our procedures in medical and healthcare facilities are done with an eye toward JHACO, ( Joint Healthcare Accreditation Organization), requirements our clients need to be in step with, so we do too. We maintain the highest level of cleanliness possible. And the chemistry we use we always insure MSDS information is right nearby in the event of an unexpected inspection.

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