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Schools have a daily rhythm all their own. Cleaning Schools properly means being in sync with the rhythm of the school. Whether it is a day school or a private boarding school, PBM has the experience and understanding to insure thorough cleaning happens every day.

Because you must know who is in your school and why, cleaning staff must wear uniforms and photo ID at all times. And because children and teens can be both inquisitive and mischievous, our having the right cleaning solution and using safety practices when securing materials insures student safety at all times.

Our company has a huge amount of experience in this area, as our references are many and very strong. Regular routine cleaning is important to maintain a healthy school population. Our staff is very aware and sensitive to the fact that children’s health and well-being are in there hands when they clean.

Please contact us to learn more about the number of, and which schools, we currently service. They are some of our most fervent references.

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