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"Preferred Building Maintenance has easy exceeded all of our expectations in providing quality and reliable maintenance services. The staff and management have demonstrated the utmost professional and proficient services that have met every need of our staff and clients. Thank you, PBM."

Paul Masotto, Executive Director

"Our eighty year old building sparkles- thanks to the fact that we hired PBM four years ago to 'clean up' the place. Parents and guests coming in frequently comment on the cleanliness and shine. Thanks for a great job."

Arlene Clancy, Principal

"PBM is meticulous and very responsive to our daily needs. My place is always in great shape and I receive many compliments from visitors and senior management on the cleanliness of the buildings and the luster of my floors. We have several audits through out the year and there has never been a time when PBM has not hit it out of the park for me! PBM keep up the good work!"

Kevin V. Placella, Manager, Facilities

"PBM provided an insightful well thought out bid based upon a meticulous site review. Once established, PBM demonstrated the ability to modify and improve services that were not evident in their initial analysis, often without any additional cost. They have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment to high quality and customer satisfaction, and are quick to resolve issues that arise in the day to day operation. I would not hesitate to recommend to any prospective client the friendly, professional relationship that they would come to appreciate as we have since trusting the appearance and cleanliness of our campus to PBM four years ago."

Steven E. Camardi, Business Manager

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